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Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Michigan Left, Arkells released October 18th 2011
Arkells is a band I have been aware of in a sort of peripheral way. Fellow music lovers raved about their 2006 debut album, “Jackson Square”. I listened to some of their tunes, and while I wasn't put off by them, I wasn't moved to buy their album. Sure, “Jackson Square” is a highly likeable album with some gems on it, like “Oh, The Boss Is Coming” and “The Ballad Hugo Chavez”, but it didn't seem like my cup of tea. Then “Michigan Left” was dropped on me.

Wow, is this album good. From the first track “Book Club”, filled with jangly guitars and lovely harmonies to the vaguely proggish “Agent Zero” to close out the album, “Michigan Left” is ten songs of near pop rock perfection. Like all good albums, there is lot's of great songs of regret, loss of and losing love.

The lyric; “At a time you were kissing me, The camera found chemistry; cheering for us in cheap seats. Driving home I can see you stare at me differently. We're stuck in the nosebleeds baby.” from “Kiss Cam” is simply outstanding as is “I'm tired of keeping score, Every time you get home, It feels to me , You've got one foot out the door” from “One Foot Out The Door”.

This self produced album is extremely listenable, and to be honest, I can't really find a clunker in the bunch. My recommendation is you need to have this album in your collection. It has not been released here in the states, but if you are lucky enough to live in Canada you can get it on iTunes. For the rest of us, you can buy the album at their web site. You can also listen to the whole album on Soundcloud. This is the Youtube playlist.

Some Videos after the jump

Kiss Cam
One Foot Out The Door


  1. While my musical taste tends to run more M.O.R. than yours does, I can see why you would like this album. People should be listening to these guys! There isn't a song on this so far that I don't enjoy listening to and it is much more listenable than some of the stuff mainstream bands are putting out. Good call, Madpoet!


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