Wesley is all grown up

Thursday, August 04, 2011

I know this is primarily a music blog but my household was pretty psyched to see Wil Wheaton added to the cast os Syfy's Eureka this season. Living in a geek household, I have had plenty of exposure to many things SciFi over the years and TNG is my favorite Star Trek of them all, mostly because of Captain Picard. I knew that many viewers in the Trek universe thought his character of Wesley was irritating. I didn't.

But it did mean I haven't seen much of him since then. I was happy to see him returning to television on Eureka. Wil plays Dr. Parrish, a scientist on the show. And he's pretty much a giant tool. He does manage to steal almost every scene he is in...but in a very irritating way.

When the show first had Zane become a more primary character I initially thought he was irritating, but they managed to show just enough of his soft gooshy interior to make him interesting. I hope they can do this with Wil's character Dr. Parrish, and show us a little of the humanity that must be in there someplace, hiding behind all that arrogance. It would be nice to have him become a permanant cast memeber, and preferably one I don't wish I could hit every week.

Editor's Note: Be sure to check out Wil's blog. Some good background stories from the recent episodes of Eureka. Also, having Felicia Day join the Eureka crowd is also full of win.


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