In which I admit I am not a social person

Wednesday, August 03, 2011
Between G+, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and Flickr, something has got to give. I am thinking about giving up social networking entirely. I think the addition of Google+ has driven me to this consideration.

My family is largely on FB, but I admit I don't get over there as much as I used to. So, even though Facebook has a ridiculously high signal to noise ratio, I can't really get rid of my account there.

Twitter is just as noisy and is just too celebrity driven for my taste. I have never really figured out how to fit Twitter in my online social circles. I like following certain people, but it doesn't really work for me.

Plurk is... well Plurk will always have a soft spot for me. It is where I developed some great friendships with people I would have never met otherwise. I have no complaints with Plurk. Sure, if you have a small circle of friends who have a lot of friends and you don't post a lot, you tend to get lost in people's timelines. My biggest problem with Plurk is my problem.

I am overly concerned with my Plurk to response rate. Ideally, I would like to respond to everyone in my timeline once to every one thing I post. I really agonize over this. I don't know why, but I do. In spite of this, I don't see myself leaving Plurk anytime soon.

Flickr is Flickr. I shoot photos. I post them. I look at other peoples photo's and comment on them. I like Flickr. It's a good place to learn about photography. If you take a good shot, people let you know. I know some people don't consider Flickr as such, a social network, but for photography pro's and hobbyist's it is.

Google+ is really the new wildcard for me. The signal to noise ratio is already mounting, but it seems much easier to filter it with Circles. Circles are easier to manage than Facebook's groups as well. I just can't seem to get worked up about it.

This isn't a critique of G+. It seems to be well designed and well thought out. My current circle's are, for the most part, interesting enough. Many of my friends are dumping other platforms for it. Sadly, I just can't get into it.

I suppose the problem is largely me. I am, by nature, not much of a joiner. I am one of those people who read ten to twenty blogs a day and rarely, if ever, comments. I am a lurker. Social networking is not designed for lurkers. So most days, I read through my social networks, but I don't respond. I might +1, like or re-tweet something but that might be the extent of my interaction. Maybe I am just not social enough to get social networking.


  1. I think that social networking can become overwhelming..the responsibility to begin to feel to comment on everything that everyone posts, feeling pressured to update when you have nothing of value to say. And then there is the likability pressure, where you find yourself beginning to wonder why no one reacted to your posting that you had eggs for breakfast.
    I would agree that FB is where everyone is...except me...and I can barely be bothered to go there at all. Now that everyone I knew in High School has friended me I find I have little, if anything, to say to them. There is something to be said for some peaceful silence in the day. Or sitting down with one or two people you like and having a conversation. Maybe social networks are just failing you at being social at all.


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