Cover It - Mad World

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
So we have been sharing songs from the 80's and we haven't had anything from Tears For Fears. Since we don't have a New Music Tuesday, let's play "Which is Better?", the 1983 original of "Mad World" or the 2001 cover from Gary Jules & Michael Andrews version?

Extra credit.... How about Adam Lambert's version from Season 8 of American Idol?


  1. G&J vide was great.

    Brave choice for the AI comp.

  2. I just added this song to my phone yesterday, (the Jules version). What made you pick it?

  3. erleichda: I was watching Donnie Darko.

  4. It was a tie for me between Gary Jules and Adam Lambert. I really don't like the original much, I am sad to say.

  5. erleichda: I like the Gary Jules on better too and I am a big TFF fan. It is so much more melancholy.

  6. for me it was a close case between lambert and jules since i liked feel better in jules but lambert won on voice. original was just.. well, boring.


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