Bored? You are only bored cause you can't think of anything better to do*

Friday, August 19, 2011
The other day I tweeted, "Boredom is your minds way of letting you know it's time to go outside." Yes I have been bored lately, but this pick six took my mind off of it. So... that's something. I guess.
  1. The Statler Brothers - Flowers On The Wall – One of the best songs about being bored, and probably depressed, Flowers on the wall perfectly sums up sleepless nights and boredom.
  2. Iggy Pop – I'm Bored – Ah yes, the idle rich are always bored. Iggy lays it down in this sarcastic and laconic song about how sometimes being bored really means you lack substance. 
  3. Nerf Herder – Welcome To My World – With a nice callback to Flowers On The Wall, Nerf Herder get's number three just because of the line “I'm building a boat out of pudding cups”. 
  4. Greenday – Longview – You really are bored when masturbation has lost it's fun and there is nothing on TV, this is the anthem of teenage boredom. 
  5. John Mayer – Tracing – A fairly rare song about how boredom in a relationship is really just two people marking time until it's over. 
  6. Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring – This song isn't really about being bored, but about how time changes ones perspective and how "Being Boring" is a choice. The title was partially derived from the Zelda Fitzgerald quotation, "she refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn't boring".  
*I am sure this is a quote from somewhere, I just don't know where. Does anyone know?

Videos after the jump
The Statler Brothers - Flowers On The Wall

Iggy Pop – I'm Bored (LIVE)

Nerf Herder - Welcome To My World

Greenday – Longview

John Mayer – Tracing

Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring

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