Wednesday Flashback - 2112

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Welcome to a new feature here at Music For A Mid-Life Geek, Wednesday Flashback, where we look back at those albums that were important, perhaps even transformative, to our contributors lives. For our first album in this new feature, it is only appropriate we do a RUSH album, in this case, 2112.

I remember it distinctly. A friend put 2112 on the turntable and I was suddenly transported to a world of music that blew me away. It was if time stood still for those twenty minutes and thirty three seconds. Being a fourteen year old 'wannabe' drummer, I was immediately struck by Neil Peart's drumming, which was unlike anything I had ever heard before (or since).

Turning over the album and seeing the royal triumvirate for the first time, dressed in their oh so seventies kimonos, I was even more floored. This was just three guys? Surely studio trickery must be involved, I thought. It wasn't until All The World's A Stage, Rush's first live album, that I realized it really was just three guys.

Putting aside Geddy's singing for a minute, you can't ignore the musicianship in the song 2112 and as a whole, the album itself. I know Geddy's singing has become a punchline, but it serves the sound that is Rush especially on 2112. Alex's guitar, Geddy's bass and Neil's drums were magic, making a sound that was and is amazing.

For me, it was the beginning of the end of my flirtation with being a musician. Listening to 2112 told me that no matter how hard I practiced, I would never, ever, be as good as those guys. This thought made me come to the reality that I was, at best, a mediocre drummer. This does not make me sad, though.

It made me appreciate them even more. Other musicians, too, but Rush will always have a special spot in my heart for introducing me to the idea of rock being more than just a beat. Sure 2112 is big, bombastic, loud and maybe a little naive, but whenever I listen to it, I am back in my friends bedroom, sitting on a bean bag, mouth agape at how amazing it is.


  1. Diane6:12 PM

    Love the new flashback idea! Tapestry, anyone? :)
    RUSH was a band I was introduced to in 1982 by a certain someone here, and I have been a hard core RUSH fan ever since. Totally love them, even when they were being a little weird and 'out there'. If anyone can get away with it, they can.

  2. Gnarley farley2:34 PM

    Elvis, the beatles, zeppelin, RUSH and yes, YES were progressive in the begining!!! All 0f the rest were inspired by one of the formentioned. Anyone out there feel the same? If not i guess you have the right to your own WRONG opinion. Talk to me, i can take it.


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