Adele - 21 (Revisited)

Saturday, July 02, 2011
++ Adele, 21

Back in March, I gave Adele's 21 a 3.5 star review. What does that mean? Well, our reviews breakdown as follows:

  • 0 Stars = Why did I pay for this
  • 1 = D, Not worth the effort
  • 2 = C, An average effort
  • 3 = B, Pretty Good
  • 4 = A, Awesome work
We also can give out five stars, which means, INSTANT CLASSIC. We don't give these out, so they are largely mythical.

I think I need to reconsider 21's score. It has gone double platinum in the US, and 9x platinum in the UK. Clearly this lady and her music are touching a lot of people. I still can't get around the cover of The Cures 'Lovesong', which I usually skip. Adele's 21, however, has become a staple on my playlist and on a lot of others list as well. 

This is her breakthrough album and the only reason she doesn't five stars (yet) is that INSTANT CLASSIC is not something we toss around lightly. So we give her own, just for Adele, 4.5 star rating. From now on a 4.5 star review will be called an Adele. I expect, with all her talent, we will be giving Adele a 5 star rating sooner or later. Maybe for her next album. She certainly has it within her ability to make an INSTANT CLASSIC.

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  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I really enjoy her album and I am sure she'll get even better with her next one! :)


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