There are no life preservers on this boat

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Sulfur Creek Reservoir At Dusk
I am drowning in a sea of gray
between cliffs of black & white

I want nuance
in a world demanding answers
and only receiving questions
Screaming for absolution
Getting crumbs instead

I am drowning in a sea of indifference
between the cliffs of true believers

I want unity
in a world stuck in neutral
and grinding the gears into reverse
Looking for past greatness
Getting jingoistic jingles instead

Is it too much to ask for
Hope for the hopeless
Dreams for the dreamless
Faith for the faithless?

I am drowning in my crisis of confidence
between the cliffs of the righteous

I want truth
in a world giving truth two sides
and moral absolutes

If you want to hear me recite this... Check it out:

or click here to download it
Vanity thy name is Madpoet.


  1. Beautiful image, stunning words - *amazing* voice.

  2. Thank you Charles, it is quite nice if you tto say


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