On Life and Death

Sunday, June 19, 2011
SunsetReflectedWe often throw the word death without much thought. Sure, we all understand that when one says 'I will just die if I don't get those shoes' or whatever, we do know it is hyperbole. Sadly death is real. Sometimes, too real.

Many humans spend the whole of their lives in fear of death. Whole religious cultures are simply death cults, with people living by arbitrary rules to ensure a better afterlife. I think this misses the point. True we are all going to die, but it is not our death that is important.

It is how we live our lives. This is our true legacy. It might be nice to have  a rich uncle who dies and leaves you a million dollars. However, if that rich uncle was an asshole, all you really have is a million dollars.

Do me a favor, dear readers. Go out and live today. Live everyday. You only get this life once, make it a good one.


  1. The human race is but a relay we only carry the baton and then pass it on.

  2. Wise words that we all know but to often forgets.

  3. don't forget to enjoy it while living it - buy fresh flowers more often than never.


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