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Friday, June 10, 2011
Note: Thanks to Angel for the post suggestion
Music has a unique ability to capture and carry you to contemplation. It can engender moods, good and bad. At it's best, it's like an old friend, reminiscing upon memories that are at once transient and permanent. At it's worst it can be a whiff of anger, an emotional outburst, a moment of rage.

When I listen to Frank Sinatra's 'In The Wee Small Hours', I am reminded of unrequited love and mistakes of the heart. When I listen to Springsteen's 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town', I am reminded of what means to be an adult. That struggle of not just asking questions, but learning what questions need to be asked. Put on The Clash's 'London Calling', and I am transported to my teenage life of angst. That rage against the world and figuring out what to rage against.

Music is more then just introspection. It can also incite feelings. I had a friend who started fights every time he was drinking and listened to AC/DC. I need to be in a pretty good emotional state when I listen to any Pink Floyd, particularly The Wall. Pride in the Name of Love and MLK from U2's Unforgettable Fire always makes me cry. Running to a Standstill of off Joshua Tree always reminds me of the pain of compulsion.

'She' (any version) makes me smile and think of Diane. Our song is 'Just The Way You Are' and upon hearing it, I am always carried back to our wedding day, in her beautiful white dress looking radiant. Tears For Fears 'Head Over Heels/Broken' reminds me of that difficult week after our first son was born and traveling between two hospitals to see my wife and son.

Listening to BNL's 'Gordon' reminds of family road trips and the lot of us singing 'If I Had $1,000,00 Dollars' & 'Be My Yoko Ono' at the top of our lungs. Actually Barenaked Ladies reminds me of my boys and our shared love of the band. We have been to see them twice and so much fun together.

Music, as our longtime readers know, is very very important to me and my family. We listen to music, share new artists and enjoy concerts together. For me, music isn't just individual moments. It is my family and their tastes. It is joy. It is love.

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