Friday Pick Six Small-time Bands I Really Want to Make It

Friday, June 10, 2011
Over the years and though an assortment of sources, I've become quite fond of a number of smaller acts. Before I incite any undue confusion amongst the readership, I should probably go ahead and define "smaller acts" for the purpose of this pick six. I'm not talking about local acts that no one outside of my hometown would have heard of here, these are actual labeled performers (though, I expect we will do a hometown salute at some point). The difference here is that in all of these cases, they're bands who have never been on the top 20 charts or made it onto many stations. The point of this pick six is to give credit to a number of young acts on the verge of hitting it big; bands and performers who are certainly good enough and write catch enough music to be headliners themselves one day (I say headliners because in several cases I happened across these bands when they were opening for another, more well known band). With that cleared up, here's the list:

1: Mayday Parade
2: Neon Trees
3: Secondhand Serenade
4: Hey Monday
5: Making April
6: Single File
HM: While he doesn't quite fit the above description, all of us here at Music for a Mid-Life Geek have become quite the fans of Not Otherwise Specified, and I also want Craig Kerley's one-man prog rock act to make it. Kick some ass, Craig!

Videos and justification after the jump:

Mayday Parade: Jamie All Over

I won't lie to you, Mayday Parade is pretty emo-tastic, but not in the "my middle-class life sucks and no one understands my pain", kind of way that was somehow popular not too long ago. Besides, at least they rock hard and don't take themselves super seriously.

Neon Trees: Animal

This is one of those bands I discovered when they opened for another band, and they just simply rock on many levels. They were almost as awesome as the band they were opening for, which is saying something, because they were opening for MCR's Danger Days tour. Also, they're a non-religious band out of Utah, a feat in and of itself.

Secondhand Serenade: Something More
For some reason, embedding is disable on this one, so just go ahead and follow this awesome link!
I'm a little bit biased on this one. John Vasley is the sole member of Secondhand Serenade, and is basically the nicest guy ever (for example, he's one of those people who can still hang out with his fans after a show. Also, you have to admire all one man acts, and John has a great friggin' voice.

Hey Monday: Candles

I don't know about the rest of you, but it's refreshing to see a girl-rocker in this day and age who actually plays the guitar and writes music. Also, I have to admit, I kinda have a thing for chicks who can play the guitar. Sure, it's pop-rock, but that still makes it rock on some fundamental level which makes Hey Monday and it's frontwoman, Cassadee Pope, awesome.

Making April: No good live videos on YouTube, sorry!
Making April is a great band for a couple of reasons; first of all, they don't take themselves too seriously (one song of theirs is a love song to Kate Beckinsale that ends in heartbreak when he wikis her only to find out she's already married), and secondly, violin solos. 'Nuff said.

Single File: Also, strangely, no good videos on Youtube. Guess that makes the viewing list this week fairly short, eh?
Single File is a band out of Denver who I also first saw as an opening act. Their an amusing pop-punk quartet with songs about all of the best pop-punk topics: Masturbation, one-night stands, and zombies. Hopefully, as with the rest of these bands, that alone gets you interested enough to look into them further!

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