Excuse Me... but can you spare a job?

Monday, June 06, 2011
So the current many of the house Republicans controlled campaigned on fixing the economy, taking back the house in 2010. Here we are, halfway through the year and where is their jobs bill? Maybe you were too busy defunding Planned Parenthood, NPR and PBS. Maybe you trying to figure out another way to feed your insurance company masters by legislating out Medicare and having us give them all of our retirement money for health care.

Now that unemployment has reached depression era levels, perhaps you will have jobs bill soon or maybe you never really cared about unemployment. You certainly didn't care about those 40 & 50 somethings who elected you, either by not turning out to vote or under the direction of their corporate fueled tea party overlords. Maybe if you can convince enough people that the real problem is Sesame Street's obvious liberal bias and humanist teachings, no one will notice.


  1. Interesting tidbit from Friday's (6/3) Real Time:
    the R on the panel pointed out that a R Congress worked with a D President (Clinton) to balance the budget and get the country into a surplus situation.
    Everyone then failed to mention that a R Congress working with a R President (Bush) did not manage to keep it that way.

    Recalls the Marvel ad from the Marvel-DC crossover titles of the 80s: The Hulk bellowing DEEDS NOT WORDS as well as a President's winning campaign slogan Where's the beef?. The same President who repealed the 55 MPH speed limit and removed the solar panels from The White House shortly after assuming office.

  2. I am also reminded that the Healthcare act that got passed was largely the one John McCain (and other Repubs) ran on, yet once the Dem's got on board, they did a 180. IOIYAR is the new mantra.


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