Dear friends who forward me emails

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear friends who forward me emails:

I always find this to be an awkward moment. How do I calm my rising ire to let you know that the email you forwarded telling me that Obama wasn't born here or that our soldiers are not properly paid because of the 'illegals' using all our tax dollars is b.s.? Sometimes I just hit 'delete' and move on but sometimes...well sometimes I just can't.

The last one I received blamed the 'illegal immigrants' (read-Mexicans) for the war and the poor pay our soldiers receive...darn them and their 360 BILLION dollar price tag. (This was quoted right from the email) I have a little eye opener for you..."illegals" do not cost us 360 BILLION dollars. From all those who try to connect a real number to the issue, they don't even cost us 1/20 of that. And just to clarify the social service policy in every state I know of: you cannot receive benefits if you are 'illegal'. Your kids can if they were born here. It means they're citizens. That whole birth certificate thing as proof thing.

I don't mind if someone decides to get upset about soldiers treatment or pay. There is nothing wrong with a little righteous indignation at whatever has buzzed you that day. But try to use some actual facts. They really are out there, even if you just ask the great Wiki about it.

I am not trying to be an a** when I correct your misunderstanding...but knowing you have forwarded this to ten friends who have then forwarded it to ten friends can't always get a pass from me. So yeah, I'm going to email you back, tell you some information, forward you a few places to fact check. It's one way I can keep my blood pressure under control.

I'm happy to get photos of your kids and updates of your travel adventures. Those are safer and will just get a happy face from me in return. But if you do want to keep forwarding me these kinds of emails, you're probably going to get one back.


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