An Update on Yesterdays Survey

Thursday, May 05, 2011
The results from the survey are pretty much what you might expect:

  • No, It Is Not The Same: 68%
  • Yes, It Is The Same: 25%
  • How Would I Know, I Am Antisocial: 25% 
I guess my real questions are; can you still be okay with limited social interaction? Does a large amount of time spent alone equal declining social skills? Can I survive being alone at home?

Those of you that left comments had some good advice to share and some good thoughts, too:

  • I worked from home for most of four years: twas good in many ways (setting own hours, commute was short...) but horrible socially for when I didn't work normal office hours and my small social circle did.
  • Try to meet netfriends live, gotten some dive-buddies and friends that way. a bit scary at first but worth it!
  • Not the same but amazingly satisfying and effective, if you take the time to get to know people.
  • Although it's not the same, I think it's better in that you can decide on your own how much you want to be in contact with people live and in person. I tend to get hermit-y but I am fairly social online. I do have real live friends and volunteer activities, and between those opportunities I find I get my fill of in person social activity. In fact, there are times when it approaches being too much and I have to cut back a bit. As the song goes, "I'm so much cooler online". :P
  • I have found that some online contacts and friendships are more valuable than in RL. Still don't forget to maintain your RL friendships. Good luck! :)
The survey will remain open until the end of May, so I will keep you updated.


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