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Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Judgement – Not Otherwise Specified

One of the very cool things about being a music nerd in the internet age is finding artists you might not ever get to know. Case in point todays new music offering. Craig Kerley, founding and only member of Not Otherwise Specified visited the blog a few weeks back after we had posted a Friday Pick Six on Essential Prog Rock Songs.

He helpfully left a link to his page on Reverb Nation. I went. I listened. I was very impressed. Judgement, Not Otherwise Specified's first release dropped yesterday and I am still very impressed. From top to bottom, this collection of songs is an amazing sampling of everything that is great about prog rock, and it is prog rock, even if Craig has a voice for metal that I would kill for. As he says on his Reverb Nation Page:
While initially meant to be a rock album, the songs kept coming out prog. He decided to stop trying to fight this pull and allowed himself to be pulled into the progressive rock sound.
Judgement, is, by turns, equal parts Metallica, Dream Theater, Yes and, sometimes, a little Muse mixed in. If you like any Prog Rock from the last forty years you will like this CD.

Diane says: I have never been a big fan of Prog rock. Strangely, I love Pink Floyd, but I was never a big fan of Yes, Edgar Winters Group or some of the others. The moment I listened to this album, I liked it. There is something very likeable about the musical tone of this album, and I find myself constantly surprised by the choices Craig makes in the middle of a song – in a good way. There is no doubt he can rock a metal sound, but he will also change things in the middle to something softer, or something unique – which to my amateur ear sounds like someone whose music has matured to a level that I can appreciate on many levels – even for someone who isn't a fan of Prog Rock.

Take a listen or buy Judgement @ Reverb Nation
You can fan Craig @ Facebook

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