Open Mouth... Insert Foot

Sunday, May 15, 2011
The thing about blogging is that sometimes you write something that you don't realize sounds different in the written form than in your head. This is always the problem with modern communications. That is, there is no context. So, we, put our own spin on what we read.

This brings up the post where I discussed why I had quit a certain social networking site. After reading it, I realized that it sounded a little like I was tired of 'trolls to whingers and everything else in between' on said social network. I totally did not mean this. Everyone over there on my limited friends list is perfectly lovely and I will miss them.

That site just wasn't for me. It caused me waaaaay to much anxiety and frankly, I took it waaaaaay to personal. I tried for two years and could never quite 'get the hang of it'. That's all it is. That's all it was. See, it was me.


  1. I've inserted the foot, and then removed same, so many times I'm thinking there could be tinea on me tongue.

    Not to worry - we're still connected - that's the important thing, infected tongue and feet and all.


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