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Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Turtleneck & Chain - Lonely Island

What's the blog first, you may be asking yourself? Well, for the first time ever, Music for a Mid-Life Geek is reviewing a rap album. Well, kind of, anyway. This week's New Music Tuesday is an offering from "the greatest fake MCs on Earth", the Lonely Island. For those of you reading out there who watch modern SNL, then you may recognize them as Andy Samburg's fake rap group, and, let's be honest, the only good thing still on Saturday Night Live. So, while Lonely Island writes music that parodies rap, it is still kind of rap.

Now, this is where I say that I hate 90% of all rap music, ESPECIALLY modern rap. I see most of it as self-indulging, repetitive music that only covers three subjects matters (ho's, how awesome the artist is and how dumb everyone else is, and drinking and drugs). But Andy, Jorm and Kiv's skit style comedy rap is different. Maybe it's because it makes fun of the all-too generic modern rap that draws me to it, or maybe it is the fact that their songs manage to be both funny AND catchy. Point is, I love the Lonely Island, despite my distaste for all other modern rappers.

Their sophomore offering, Turtleneck and Chain, continues the interesting trend of bands featured on New Music Tuesday managing to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump, a trend set by Adele and Glasvegas. Is it better than their first collection of SNL skits turned album? Well... I'm not quite sure yet. But probably. They do what they do best: make funny, catchy songs with surprising contributors. Now, while this music may not be for everyone, I still invite you to at least watch the videos. While this isn't the best album of the year or anything, it is quite entertaining, and sometimes that's all you need.

A warning: These videos are a bit... explicit. I do not recommend these videos to a younger audience. You know, parental discretion is advised and all that. Now that that warning is out of the way and no one can be mad at me for linking these, the videos are after the jump.

I Just Had Sex: A song that celebrates an exhilarating moment perhaps a little too much.

Motherlover: Good idea for a last-minute Mother's Day gift, or the greatest idea for a last-minute Mother's Day gift?!

Jack Sparrow: Because Michael Bolton is a badass who can have a good laugh at himself.

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