I like Newt Cause He's A Sci-Fi Nerd & Is Right 50% Of The Time

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Conservative Reihan Salam regarding Newt Gingrich on Real Time with Bill Maher:
He is a very quirky guy. He represents a small and despised minority of sci-fi nerds, which is one reason I like him. He also is a guy who really did see very far ahead. He certainly gets some things right that's because he makes a lot of attempts. He makes a lot of efforts, he throws a lot of things out there, and you're right; half of them can be zany and half of them have proven to be pretty reliably true…
Dude, being right 50% of the time is a a pretty low threshold, even for a politician running for president. Being right 50% of the time does not mean you have intellectual heft. It means you are a so-so guesser.

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