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Monday, May 30, 2011
I have said many times that I don't fancy myself a 'brilliant' photographer. I am a very technically sound photographer who has a passion for the art. As such I find inspiration in the history of photography. My three favorite photographers are Edward Weston, Dorthea Lange and, of course, Ansel Adams. You can clearly see their influence on my work for when I am behind the eyepiece their work speaks to me like no other.

Toddler At The Chino Rodeo 1983 From Dorthea, I am inspired by her subjects eyes. I challenge you to look at her portraiture and not be draw in to the subjects eyes.
Still Life In Morning Sun
From Edward, I find inspiration in his ability to shoot every day things as still life's, like Pepper No. 30, and impart a sense of sensuality, organic and rich, to his photos.
Fossil Butte Winter Panorama BW
From Ansel, it's everything. As an amateur landscape photographer, his work is the standard for which all other landscape photographers judge themselves. If I am likely to channel anyone it is Ansel1.

There are also those photographers that I admire for their pioneering and ingenious ways of creating whole new sub categories of the art. Helen Levitt was one of those shooters. Using a right angle view finder to capture her subjects surreptitiously, she was in the vanguard of street photography.

Most famous for her candid photos of children playing, which are lovely, I am more drawn to the photography of children's chalk drawings. They are very much of a time and place, since chalk drawings were part of the New York children's street culture in the 30's and 40's. I am glad I got to see some of her work up close at the Utah Museum of Fine Art. It will be another photographer that speaks to me when I am out shooting.

1.) Some might also notice that I also tend to channel C.R. Savage, but this is because we share many of the same subjects.

Another footnote: I know my list is notoriously absent of many of the photo secessionist photographers, but they had a tremendous influence on the shooters in my list. Also, I know I am showing my photos when talking about my influences. This is simply to demonstrate these photographers influence my work.


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