New Music Tuesday: Euphoric Heartbreak by Glasvegas

Wednesday, April 06, 2011
For this week's somewhat late installment of New Music Tuesday, which has actually been posted on Wednesday due to a busy schedule that did not allow for down time until after 10pm, I enthusiastically give you Glasvegas' new album. As some of you may remember, I have in the past expressed my love for this relatively new band, so it's no surprise that I bought their second album, Euphoric Heartbreak, the day it was released stateside. And while I am probably not the most objective voice, I am not disappointed in Glasvegas' sophomore offering.

Admittedly, while listening to the samples mid download, I did begin to harbor doubts. It was clear from the outset that this album was going to be waaaaaay more synth-heavy than their debut album, and their first single didn't exactly jump out at me as Geraldine and Daddy's Gone had from their last album. So, I was for a moment expecting my new favorite Scottish rockers to be hit with the Sophomore Slump curse, based on that limited sampling. Having now fully digested the album on a couple full listens, however, and I can safely say that Euphoric Heartbreak is every bit as solid as their self-titled debut.

For those of you who actually have listened to their first album, I warn you that Euphoric Heartbreak is more experimental and, well, synthy than their previous ablum. Not that it's a bad thing, mostly because Glasvegas' mix of deeply personal and playful lyrics sung with that same Scottish twang remain in full force. As the album title may give away, Euphoric Heartbreak, thematically, takes a turn for the embittered, dealing with topics such as drug use (Pain Pain Never Again), homosexuality and coming out (Stronger Than Dirt, I Feel Wrong), and disappointment (Change).

Below is the music video for their first single, which, while it isn't in my top three, is still a catchy song. Other songs I recommend (if you're interested) are The World Is Yours, Shine Like Stars, Dream Dream Dreaming, and Stronger than Dirt/I Feel Wrong.


  1. Thanks for the New Music Tuesday El Kaiser. I know you are pretty busy with school. I think I might like the new Glasvegas album better than the previous one. Then again, you know I am a sucker for synthy pop music. I also think the lyrics are more intense than on the previous album and that's saying something, considering the subject matter in their debut.


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