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Friday, April 01, 2011
I am going to shy away from any April Fools Day hijinks and keep a low profile, so have some Alice Cooper Group, three off of Billion Dollar Babies, which you do have in your record collection? Right?

By the way, Rolling Stone? Two and half stars upon release? Did you guys ever apologize? This is clearly a classic to my generation. A group of songs to be cranked while hanging out or cruisin' 82nd.

Every song is good, but I love me some Generation Landslide, which is not only my favorite song on the album, but my all time favorite Alice song.

Any song that opens with this:
Please clean your plate dear
The Lord above can see you
Don't you know people are starving in Korea

Alcohol and razor blades and poison and needles
Kindergarten people, they use them, they need them
has to be a keeper. It don't get much more rock n roll than that kiddies. Rock on!

Some great music after the Jump

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