All The Cool Girls

Saturday, April 02, 2011
Listening to Billion Dollar Babies yesterday, led me to run through some Iggy & The Stooges then on to the Velvet Underground and finishing up with some Bowie from his Thin White Duke period. As I am wont to do, I started to wax nostalgic about the cool girls I knew back then. Most of them were too cool for me, to the point of being intimidating. They dated Reedies, wore cool clothes and listened to music that I never would of heard of it wasn't for them. Since it's been a while since we have had a random verse, here is one for the cool girls I knew in the 70's.

All the cool girls dressed like Suzie, Joan or Cherie
and listened to Lou, Iggy, Alice and Bowie
And hummed Beast of Burden in the hallway
You could see them every Friday night
waiting on the sidewalk for Rocky
Never in costume but ready for a fight
They smoked clove cigarettes
Through their fingerless gloves
Falling in and out of love with no regret
They tolerated Costello and The Clash
but showed their derision for cop out rock
reducing you to another loser with a flick of an ash
They dated college boys and rebels
and hung around with soulful poets
They kept all their conquests in separate cells
All the cool girls skipped the slow dances
to go out back to have a smoke
ignoring all the popular girl's glances
All the cool girls knew what they got
they always knew who they were
never worried about what you thought


  1. This was just awesome! It painted such a nostalgic picture for me... of all of the shag-haired, blue eyeshadow wearing tight-jeaned girls that my older brother brought home in the 70s. I remember wanting to be just like them and, luckily, heartily forbade and discouraged by the powers-that-be.


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