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Friday, March 18, 2011
The Statute Of Limitations Has Expired, Right?
Sure, I used to get pissed off about stuff back then, but I am so much more pissed off now. Maybe I never should have become an ideologue and should have kept on smoking... um.... eating sandwiches.

Please, don't think I hate my life. I don't. I have a great life. A great wife. Great kids. Great friends. And I even like some of my family these days. I don't miss being eighteen. I miss the absolutism and assurance of feeling like the whole world is yours for the taking. Things like moral relativism were just philosophical discussions, not judgements.

When you are eighteen, you know the answer to everything. You just don't know how to make it happen. When you are forty eight, you know how to make things happen, but most of the time you are too tired to get anything done.

The thing about being eighteen is that life hasn't made you compromise yet. Of course your memories are going to be pure. My biggest concern back then was "Legalize It" and helping people in poverty. Sadly, it still ain't legal and even more people live in poverty. Sigh.

Tell it Brother Tosh



  1. Youth always was something wasted on the young :D

  2. I somehow think that eating sandwiches makes you THINK you know the answer to everything. We probably didn't. We just didn't know it then. We know it now...which kind of sucks. Things were simple then. Answers were simple. Solutions were simple. Nothing is simple any more. I miss some of that, too, living like we didn't really know the consequences of anything....every day a new adventure. I am idealistic enough to hope this is still out there, or in there as it were.

  3. Agree with Cowboy about it wasted on young and that feeling of knowing how to make things happen but just to tired is also somewhat familiar..

    This also got my mind fantasying about what I would have done if I had todays selfassurance combined with youths carelessness..gosh, i could have had fun! lol


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