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Sunday, March 27, 2011
Yesterday I decided to get my mind in order, or, at least move the weeks troubling thoughts to the back of my mind. I decide to walk the length of the Bear River Greenway, so I packed up all my camera gear. With my equipment in hand I headed out, not sure what I was going to see or even shoot.

The usual sights presented themselves. Melting ice, the river swirling with pieces of ice crashing into each other, bridges, reflections and a grand early spring sun lighting it all. Sadly, much of it was just... typical. Until I found a pair of Canadian Geese sunning themselves by the river. They seemed to not be worried by my presence while I took pictures of them. Of course, they let me know when I got too close. They were good models, and in keeping with my friend Lisa's tradition, I did thank them.
Geese Contact Stripped

I suppose it is this interaction with the common that grounds me. Sure, I live in a part of the world where I can find impressive wildlife I can shoot, but the every day animals living around us are just as fascinating.

There were many people slowing down to see what I was taking pictures off, then speeding off, implying that they thought "it's just some geese". I didn't care. I was reminded of what of my earliest wildlife photography mentor's once told me; "Let the animals talk to you. Let the light and landscape set the moment". In that moment, there was no spectre of losing a job. No fear of the future. No angst about my former employer.
Canadian Geese in Conversation
All I had was that moment. It was all I needed. This why I always preach something another of my mentor's told me, have a avocation. My photography has never been about becoming some great or acclaimed artist, it's really about days like yesterday and those introspective moments.

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