On Being A Target

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This is for those of you who have chosen to live in a media bubble that suppresses, hides and lies about any dissent. That group of people who are actively protesting the loss of… something. Never mind you are frequently protesting against your own best interests. Which truly confuses me. Cognitive dissonance isn't just for philosophical, sociological or psychological discussions any more.

I live among you, in the corner and on the border of some of the states with some of the great tea party representatives of the country. If I asked some of you why you are Republicans, you wouldn't have an answer. Being conservative is just a core value for you and yours. Other presidents have come and gone during your conservative lifetime. Yet, now you are buying up guns and ammo and arming for the next revolution. It's like the Clinton years cranked up to eleven.

I get it, you never got over 9/11, but, consider this; Wasn't it your trust that the government knew what it was doing that brought such a tremendous shock to your being? With an event as large as bringing down the WTC towers, you would think someone knew something. Never mind that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda had successfully attacked the US abroad and with in the country prior to 9/11.

Eight years later. your country, which is increasingly confusing to you, elected a black man with a funny name to the highest office in the land. So some guy comes to you and offers outrageous conspiracies that are no less plausible in this post 9/11 era. You say you want your country back, but you really just want to stop being scared.

You are scared of teenagers. You are scared of other races. You are scared of liberals. You are scared of terrorists. You are scared for the future. Why wouldn't you be? The way the world works right now already puts you on edge. What does the next ten years hold?

I can't explain why you are pissed about how much money teachers make, but don't care that five percent of the population controls fifty five percent of the wealth. Yet, you are letting those people manipulate you into being pissed off about… well everything. You are being used. You are a target, manipulated by moneyed interests, getting prime spots on the morning news because YOU are their target demographic.

In spite of this, you cling to your guns (and in some cases, your religion) living in a state of perpetual panic. You wear t-shirts that hint of violence with misappropriated sayings from our founding fathers. You proudly parade about with your guns. You shout about the scourge communism, socialism and fascism. You are angry people living angry lives in the shadow of an empire in decline. At this point I am pretty convinced most days you aren't even sure what you are angry about any more.


  1. They fear our freedoms?

    Abortion, drugs, individualism...

    These must be taken from us so they are comfortable?

  2. Remembers adults telling vague stories about Polio.
    It was a crippling disease that no one understood.
    Don't drink from the garden hose.
    Don't talk to your neighbor.
    Don't, Don't, Don't: it could give you Polio.

    A crippling disease is something truly frightening.

    People barely out of the stone age were something we use to try to fix.


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