On Being Overwhelmed

Thursday, March 24, 2011
I am overwhelmed with life right now. If you are watching the sun rise over the Badlands, this is a very good thing. If you are trying to get a lot of work done, even though it seems like the spectre of unemployment is hanging over your head, it is not.

Before I get off on a rant here, let's just say I am troubled by my lack enthusiasm for anything. Even last nights photo shoot was largely mechanical, which is bad for art (and sex). It was beautiful and all, but, it was just another sunset. Stunning sunsets are de rigueur for this part of the world1, so taking a good picture of one is like taking a good picture of deer around here. We don't have a shortage of either of these things.

So, what do you do when you just don't care anymore? Me? The only thing I can do. I will keep shooting, writing and showing up for work2. Eventually, this too shall pass. In the meantime have a mechanical HDR from last nights sunset.

3/23/2011 Worldwide Sunset HDR
OK GO - This Too Shall Pass

1.) Biggest bummer of the year? It was snowing both nights that we had the perigee moon. I didn't get to see it, let alone shoot it.
2.) I am also studiously avoiding politics right now. I hate not being aware of politics, but I can't waste the energy or neurons.


  1. Such a shot manical! Please excuse me while i turn green of envy. Sweet, I'll teleport down and give you the challange of getting me, skillevel "Eh?" when it come to use camera to other than fully automatic in good conditions to get such mecanical. That might drive you insane and eating valium like candy but you won't be bored! *lol*
    More serious dear, No wonder it feels dark & uninspiring when loosing a job.. *loads of hugs*

  2. Yeah, too bad there's not more heart, soul, or ability in your routine sunset photo.

    Good music video.


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