Me To Conservative Politicos - I Can No Longer Think Of Anything Snarky To Say

Thursday, March 17, 2011
Crazy politicians make
sad Panda sad 
While we all watch in sadness at what befallen our ally Japan, there have been a few stories of tea-party Republicans making outrageous statements that I can't find the energy to mock. Never mind that many rightbloggers are using the nuclear disaster in Japan to make an argument for more nuclear power plants and less regulation, these other comments are jaw droppers.

Let's start with Virgil Peck, who is a Republican legislator in Kansas
A legislator said Monday it might be a good idea to control illegal immigration the way the feral hog population has been controlled: with gunmen shooting from helicopters.
Rep. Virgil Peck, R-Tyro, said he was just joking, but that his comment did reflect frustration with the problem of illegal immigration. - From
His argument is that he was joking? How the fuck is this a joke? How is this funny? I can't even begin to tell you how pissed this made me or how the only comeback I could think of is... what an asshole. Which, sadly, is not funny either.

Next we have Republican congressional candidate with his own unique spin on solving the immigration problem and the unemployment problem. In the most racist way possible.
Several sources who were in the Feb. 20 endorsement interview with Davis confirmed his comments, which echo those he made to the Tonawanda News in 2008, when he said: “We have a huge unemployment problem with black youth in our cities. Put them on buses, take them out there [to the farms] and pay them a decent wage; they will work.”  
When Davis repeated those sentiments in the recent interview, the Republican leaders—who later delivered the party endorsement for the vacant seat in the 26th Congressional District to Assemblywoman Jane L. Corwin of Clarence—said they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. - from The Buffalo News
Again, I can't think of anything to say except, what an asshole.

Next up, Mike Pence, freshly minted Senator for Utah has joined that group of people who think child labor laws are unconstitutional. This leads me to wonder, is their goal to destroy the unions and make children clean up government offices? As long as they aren't illegal immigrant kids, I guess.
"Congress decided it wanted to prohibit that practice, so it passed a law. No more child labor. The Supreme Court heard a challenge to that law, and the Supreme Court decided a case in 1918 called Hammer v. Dagenhardt," Lee said. "In that case, the Supreme Court acknowledged something very interesting -- that, as reprehensible as child labor is, and as much as it ought to be abandoned -- that’s something that has to be done by state legislators, not by Members of Congress." 
Lee's reasoning was that labor and manufacturing are "by their very nature, local activities" and not "interstate commercial transactions." He added: "This may sound harsh, but it was designed to be that way. It was designed to be a little bit harsh." - From The Raw Story, YouTube video here.
This is how Tenthers are going to make their argument in favor of states rights? That we can go back to child labor? Again, what an asshole.

I just can't find the energy to work a good dose of righteous indignation anymore. If the right isn't making outrageous statements, then they are making up blatant lies, gutting environmental regulationsdestroying your right to a fair wage or trying to figure out how to give more of your money to their wealthy donors. And there is nothing funny about any of that.

Oh yeah... and Rush Limbaugh making fun of the Japanese? Really? What an entertainer you are. What an asshole.


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