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Friday, March 04, 2011
Piedmont Wyoming

Shuttered windows
Boarded doors
Broken stairs
Words used to echo here
Whispers shared either faithful or fateful
Laughter and tears
Life and death

The wind moves
the limbs of the willow
and the buildings creak
The only noise left
Ancient nails against aging timber
Once raised by hammer and saw
Now slowly falling down

Winters were weathered here
Storms waited out
Someones dream
and open to the sky
Now home to small animals
Birds nesting in rooms
where children used to play

These places stay haunted
by memories we don't have
but can still imagine
Generations reduced to a still life
The detritus of someone else's memory
Cast about in a state of slow decay
Where no one is coming home any more


  1. Oh babe I loved that! You know I have a soft spot for these old places...and I'm always commenting on how people loved and lived in those walls...made babies...raised babies...you said it all so much better than I ever could.


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