Wednesday, March 30, 2011
The next person who tells me "this isn't personal" is going to get beat about the head and shoulders with a diseased marmot. Because it is very fucking personal. Don't pretend it isn't.

This started with you knuckleheads and your foolish comments about health care reform. Death Panels? Please. If I said you are buying into a conspiracy theory, you told me it was true and just wait and see. If I told you corporations were running the country, you would have told me that was a conspiracy while you held up your "Obamacare = Socialism" signs. Never mind that now, Republican governors are creating their own death panels.

Now it's all about austerity. It's all about how the middle class is going to have "take one for the team". About how Social Security is the problem, so, my generation and my kids as well, need to understand that things need to change. In the midst of corporate profit increases that haven't been seen since 1950, there are still no new jobs. I am being told that the government needs to reign in spending, so we can't keep spending money on unemployment. Oh yeah, and because some teacher is making $50,000.00 a year unions are bad.

Meanwhile, in a Walmart parking lot somewhere in rural america, it will be snowing and I am sure I will hear at least one yahoo say, “So much for global warming,” while he leaves his pickup running and runs inside for a five pound chub of mass produced hamburger so he can have tacos for dinner. When he returns to his truck and goes to get gas, he will bitch about the gas prices and never once consider the absurdity of these things. He will go to bed secure in the misinformed knowledge that it is the people who have nothing that are the problem. He knows once we are  rid of them, he can have his country back.

There is one thing I have in common with that guy from that parking lot. I want my country back, too.


  1. Wants to know where to get my diseased marmot!


  2. GOD, I hear one of those stupid "So much for Global Warming" comments every freakin' day! And I always automatically hate whoever says it! Also, it baffles me when I hear college students saying it.


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