David Gregory To The World - We Really Only Scrutinize Them When They Are Candidates.

Friday, March 25, 2011
Just flipping through the channels and stopped on the Today Show and Matt on the topic of 2012 Republican candidates, asked David Gregory about Newt Gingrich's incredible changing Libya position. The question from Matt was "Won't he be perceived as someone who is just critical everything?".

What spewed out of David Gregory's mouth was quite possibly the Villagers view of the world in a nut shell. In effect he said; "I think he knows that. Commentators don't get scrutinized like Presidential candidates."1

First of all, that's a crock. People are not equally scrutinized. Secondly, isn't the problem that career politicians are acting as commentators (mainly on Fox) then running for office. I think both candidates and pundits should be scrutinized equally, which is to say, consistently and often.

1.) I don't have the exact quote, but I think that is pretty close.


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