Attention: I Miss Steven Page Harmonizing With Ed Roberts

Monday, March 14, 2011
It isn't that the first BNL album without Steven is bad. It's pretty good, but it's gonna take some time before I really can get over the idea that Steven is no longer in the band.

I am going to roll out a late Pick Six, sort of related to this, that is, six songs about Jane, including BNL's Jane off of Maybe You Should Drive
  1. Lou Reed, Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane
  2. Barenaked Ladies - Jane
  3. Ben Folds Five - Jane
  4. Nick Drake - Hazey Jane I & II
  5. America - Daisy Jane
*Update: Yes, I know, I left the Stones Lady Jane off of the list. This is not a commentary on the song or the group. 
As always, videos after the jump.
Lou Reed, Velevet Underground - Sweet Jane

Barenaked Ladies - Jane

Ben Folds - Jane (Ben Folds Live)

Nick Drake - Hazey Jane I

Nick Drake - Hazey Jane II

America - Daisy Jane

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