Un-broken too

Monday, February 07, 2011
Evening Crescent
Sometimes he wrote the words
Just to see the words play out across the screen
Sometimes the words had meaning
Cutting deep and close to his heart
Sometimes the words were just words
Someone else’s life played out in his word processor

He wanted to write for the world
He wanted to write for her
He wanted to share his words
He wanted to save her

Some nights the words came easy
Rolling off his fingers into the ether
Some nights the words accused him
Telling tales of lost loves and wasted lives
Some nights the words were for her
Finally large enough to tell her how he really felt

He wanted to write to relieve himself
He wanted to find relief for her
He wanted the words to be his savior
He wanted to give all the words to her

Sometimes the words were not his
Inspirations of the heart and the soul
Sometimes the words were memories
Of painful slights and childhood fears
Sometimes the words were dreams
A hope of what could be with her

He wanted to write to find something
He wanted to write to find her
He wanted to give her all she wished for
He wanted to be in her dreams


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