Now they will never go away

Wednesday, February 02, 2011
I have a deer problem. Yes, they are beautiful and their coats are furry.
Hello Deer Two
But, they are eating my bushes.
Deer Damage or Who Me?
So I decided to feed them. I went down to Murdoch's and bought some Purina Deer Chow and a Purina Deer Block.

Now they are never going to leave, are they?
In My Front Yard
I will try to get some shots of the little ones tonight. Their fur is just so amazingly fluffy. Like Agnes in Despicable Me says:


  1. Lovely shots, left me with a warm feeling.

  2. This is partially my fault...I know feeding a wild animal is a no-no...but they are eating my ROSE bush! Do you know how hard it is to grow a rose bush in Wyoming? It's HARD. And mine is lovely...well, it was lovely. I suppose this year we'll see if it's alive.


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