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Wednesday, February 09, 2011
I was going to write a snarky post about those people who declare their photo was "Straight Out Of The Camera" and make sure you know it. Well, good for them I say. I get the occasional photo that is perfect straight out of my camera, but it isn't that frequent.

Frankly, at least 50% (or more) is just plain good luck. Yes there is planning. I frequently plan to go out at certain times of the day, especially if I am looking to do some wildlife photography. Knowing how to use your camera is also important. The equipment you carry makes a difference too.

These are all important, but most of the time, I am just out walking around when a shot presents itself to me. Now, I will readily admit that I might have more opportunity for that lucky shot, because I take my camera everywhere. I may not always take my whole kit bag, but, I never, ever, leave the house without at least my camera and my trusty wide angle zoom lens.

This morning I had my 70-300 mm lens on when a lucky bit of lighting showed up on the kitchen table. I backed up against the counter and used the big lens as a psuedo macro cam and peeled off a few shots like this:
Mornings Light
I made sure to rotate around the object, so I had some shots that were front lit, side lit and back lit.
Still Life In Morning Sun
Now, here is also what happened. I enhanced these images in the Photoshop Raw 6.0 using Scott Kelby's new 7 Point System for Camera Raw. The tutorial is online at Kelby Training and I highly recommend it.

So, no, these are not straight out of my camera, but the combination of lucky light, knowledge of my equipment and knowing some Photoshop tricks, I can make the photo I want.


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