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Tuesday, February 01, 2011
I am one of those webmaster's who obsessively frets over web stats1. I run Google Analytics, and AWStats. I am constantly looking at the data. I really can't help myself. This little bit of info jumped out at me this morning. For Music For A Mid-Life Geek on the day in question, pageviews by Linux based boxes exceeded Macs.

Weird, although, I think this is some kind of bot. I frequently see referral links in my log files, so this is probably referrer spam. Interestingly enough, it seems that my Blogger sites are being hit the most with this spam. Google has been on top of this for a while, but I have noticed this mostly with the new Blogger realtime stats. These referrers do not always show up in Analytics or AWStats, which tells me that some tweaking is in order for Blogger's code.

The only thing that sucks is that this means 17% of my traffic yesterday was junk.

1.) I obsess over security, too. At one point in my career, I managed several SQL Server installations in a corporate environment. I used to get a lot of crap for being obsessive about patching those Windows 2000 boxes and SQL Server 7. The Unix dudes would give me crap, because, well they are Unix guys. The Windows guys, especially the MCSE's would say, "We are behind a firewall. What can happen?". Then Code Red hit and all those local MSDE installations used for viewing Wonderware data got hit. A lot of those installations were on laptops. So people brought them inside the firewall and boom, worm outbreak inside the firewall. Guess who machines weren't infected. It happened again a few months later when  Nimda reared it's ugly head. The MCSE's and other DBA's were caught flat footed again. Sometimes obsession isn't a bad thing.

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  1. Those who do not understand security history are doomed to relive it


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