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Monday, February 21, 2011
Typically February AMI have spent much of the last couple of days starting and stopping one blog post after another. There is so much going on in the world. What's going on in Wisconsin feels like critical moment in the history of our country. The unrest and changes in the Middle East and Northern Africa seems like even more change we should be paying attention to. The current congress is defunding everything from Planned Parenthood to Americorp and even PBS, while deciding to redefine what rape is.

All this other stuff going on and the seeming lack of urgency from anyone I know, was not helping my angst. Some days you need to a break. Some quiet time to remember why you feel so strongly about such things. Why life in on planet Earth is important to you.

I spent this morning in sub zero wind chills watching the sunrise and the local wildlife. I had Bear River State Park pretty much to myself. The quiet of the morning quieted the voices in my head and brought me some peace. I don't want to stop caring, but some mornings it is nice to take a break.

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