In A Dream, I Can See Through My Minds Eye And The View Is...

Thursday, February 24, 2011
Only The Wind Has Been HereIn a dark dream, forever drowning under the weight of his own bullshit, drained and deranged.
In the end the view from above was one of black ooze.

In a dream of bright light and green grass, forever blinded to a real world, safely ensconced in her own.
In the end the view was one of gauzy light.

In a dream of wishes fulfilled, forever flying towards the waning light, wings never aflame as the sun sets, his eyes reflecting the golden light of dusk.
In the end the view was one of satisfaction.

In a dream of self reflection, forever tossed aside, hidden around the corner of her fears, waiting for her moment to break free.
In the end the view was one of hopeful agony.

In the dream of my soul, they all live there
Each biding their time
Each waiting to break free
Reminding me that their moment is mine

In a dream, forever forgotten hopes holding forth, secrets that her childhood had hidden, stories that must be told.
In the end, the view of truth triumphs over pain.

In a dream, forever in a losing fight, he cries as a child would, hoping expression will free him.
In the end the view is lost on him.

In a dream, forever free of the world below, she dances on her own precipice, unaware of her own mortality.
In the end, the view is one of infinity.

In a dream, forever hopeful, he holds court in his mind and casts his lot, currying favor with the courtesans and encouraging the partisans.
In the end, the view is one of the abstract notions that are his life.

In the dream of my heart, they try to have their say
Each singing their own verse
Each writing their own chorus
Reminding me that split does not mean divided

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