I'll have some God with my rape, please

Friday, February 04, 2011
Fortunately most people I know were appalled when we read about H.R.3 which intended to exempt abortion coverage for women who became pregnant because of “forcible rape”. The bill as originally presented would have excluded women who were raped by coercion or drugging or women who were not raped ‘forcibly’. Hat Tip Balloon Juice
173 Republicans have rushed to support this effort to punish victims of rape and give predators ongoing power over their victims and the peace of mind that comes with the Bill’s assurance that anybody they get pregnant will be forced by the State to carry the child to term.

In a very clever twist, Congressman Smith accomplishes this protection of rapists everywhere by changing the definition of “rape”. As the law of the land currently stands rape is rape regardless if it was violent, statutory, non-forcible, coercive, or forcible. Smith’s law takes the idea of rape back to another time. In his bill only exceptionally forcible and violent rapes like the ones in A Clockwork Orange would count as “Rape”. Anything else would be treated as some kind of wingnut idea of “consensual” sex.

Fortunately there was enough of a backlash that Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), the bill’s author, has decided to remove the word “forcibly’. Gee, there is a week he’ll never get back.

Because the bill brought the subject of rape out of the closet and into the bright light of the media for awhile there were a couple things that surprised me in reading about this issue this week.

  1. That there are still people out there who think that ‘no’ does not really mean ‘no’ if the woman is dressed provocatively, invited the guy to her place or apparently let him pay for dinner at McDonalds.
  2. That there are still people who think that the way a woman dresses is an invitation for anyone including blood relatives to violate any sense of decency when it comes to this issue.
  3. That there are still people who think that in this country only women are raped.
  4. That rape combined with pregnancy are somehow tied directly to God.
If you read any of the articles flying around about this subject this week the most interesting thing were the comments, most of which were about biblical translations and whether or not Jesus would approve of rape. There were even a few that likened this to the issue of slavery though I’m not sure how they made the jump. What I took away from the comments is that for some Christians, the issue of rape and abortion are tied directly to God’s will and procreation being the duty of all good women everywhere. It made me think about a comment on Jill's post at brilliantatbreakfast in which she summarizes some of the more interesting comments about this matter. One summed up what a lot of commentators seemed to believe:
Amanda on Maggie Gallagher's strange world in which legal abortion leads to anal sex and how the world was much better when women would grit their teeth, lie back, and think of England.”
If I believed in God I can tell you right now that I would not for one moment think that he was even close to agreeing with the GOP on the issue of rape: that he would sanction rape, consecrate rape or insist that victims of rape accept the consequences because that is what Jesus would do. How anyone can believe that taking an issue as serious as abortion and dilute it down to WWJD is beyond me.


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