Friday Pick Six Anti-Valentine's Songs!

Friday, February 11, 2011
The second post in a special back to back edition of Friday Pick Six, with this post dedicated to those of us who have no one to spend this upcoming Sunday with. Whether you just got out of a relationship, have been keeping yourself unavailable, or just can't seem to make an emotional connection, Valentine's Day morphs from a day of love into a day designed to make you feel bad about yourself. Fear not, dear friend. I understand, for I, too, will be among you this year. In order to show all these lovey-dovey couples that we don't need their stupid holiday, I present you with six anti-love songs to enjoy as we all celebrate being single this Sunday. And if telling yourself that doesn't work, then listen to these songs and remind yourself that this day only comes once a year, and the other 364 days don't care if you're single. This particular list switches between angry bitterness and depression, since that's most likely what we single people will be feeling when we think about being single on a day dedicated to lovers. Enjoy!

1: Song for the Dumped, by Ben Folds Five
2: My Paper Heart, by the All-American Rejects
3: Letterbomb, by Green Day
4: Three Cheers for Five Years, by Mayday Parade
5: Hate Everyone, by Say Anything
6: Bitter, by Nine Days

I start with the indispensable Ben Folds, who shares with us the first thoughts we all have after being dumped. Best Angry Line: "You said you wanted to take a break, slow it down some and have some space. Fuck you too!"

Second is a dive into the deep melancholy part of the "single" pool with My Paper Heart, a song that is indeed a plea on Valentine's Day to a desired lover who has been misleading. For those of you who have been in this situation, solidarity. Best Melancholy Line: "My tongue is tied to a dream of being with you, to settle for less is not what I'd prefer..."

Third is a return to the shallow and angry part of that same pool, with the song Letterbomb off of American Idiot. The song is actually a breakup in song form from the concept album. An angry, bitter breakup. Best Angry Line: "There is nothing left to analyze."

Diving back into the depressing melancholy, and apparently sticking with this pool metaphor, is Three Cheers for Five Years, a song that probably resonates more for a younger audience about a five year relationship coming to a depressing and bitter conclusion, hence the title. This one is more for those of you who have broken up recently. Also, this is my plug spot for an indie band I'm a big fan of. Best Melancholy Line: "Another night, another dream wasted on you."

The fifth song on this list is actually a really fun song, though it is still angry. The title says it all, this is about hating everyone. Many of us may be in this mindset Sunday. Best Angry Line: "I guess that everyone includes me, and that's why I'm a humanist."

I had to end it with this song, because this was MY breakup song. Also, I can't think of a better song that accurately describes what it feels like to be bitter. Bitter is kind of a mix between those two emotions this list has followed, being very depressing but also, well, bitter and biting. Best Melancholy AND Angry Line: "Don't flatter yourself, I will survive."

Videos after the jump.

Song for the Dumped (video)

My Paper Heart (live)

Letterbomb (live)

Three Cheers for Five Years (uber-indie acoustic)

Hate Everyone (video)

Bitter... Apparently I got too obscure with this pick. No videos on YouTube for it, so you'll just have to trust me.

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