Conservatives to Whoever Will Listen - If I Say It, Then It Must Be True

Thursday, February 10, 2011
We have discussed this before, conservatives quoting "studies" that don't exist, to prove some point or another. Here comes another mystery study. According to Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA):
Medicaid, for your viewers who may not know this, is a combined federal-state program that insures, so to speak, the low-income folk. And it’s actually worse than the uninsured! So Medicaid, Medicaid patients in some cases have worse outcomes than patients who have no insurance whatsoever. Now, why that is is not understood, but what is known is there is a problem with the quality of the patients on Medicaid – the quality of health care for the patients on Medicaid receive.
Isn't it fascinating that these studies exist and they make exactly the point the conservative speaker is trying to make? It's like magic. What's worse is nobody asks for details about said study.

When Representative Cassidy says that poor people have worse outcomes with Medicaid then if they had no insurance at all, is he really accusing the Health Care industry? Is he saying that if you are poor and on Medicaid, the doctors, nurses and other personel are going to give you a lower quality of care? Is he saying that if you have no insurance you are more likely to get better health care? Do these guys even think about what is coming out of their mouth?

I suppose he believes it because it so perfectly matches his worldview that helping the poor is bad and using tax dollars to help the poor is even worse. Next Rep. Cassidy is going to tell us that people on food-stamps are more likely to starve to death then poor people without food assistance.

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