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Thursday, February 17, 2011
Representative Jeff Dial is a state legislator from, guess where? The gentleman is from Arizona of course1 and he wants Arizona SNAP cards to be bright orange, ostensibly to prevent fraud, but, as he says:
“If that does concern people that they have a bright orange card, I hope they go get a better education or better jobs and stop using that card,” he said.
It's only February 17th and Mr. Dial may have already won the "Most Condescending Douchiest Comment" award for 2011. John Scalzi talks about this more eloquently than I ever could in an article called 'Shaming The Poor'2:
Shaming people for their poverty generally assumes that the only reason for poverty is that people are poor for reasons they can be shamed out of — i.e., poor people are poor because they are lazy and shiftless no good spongers who prefer to be poor, because really, it’s just less work. This is a nice little fantasy, which like most fantasies sort of falls apart when it meets up with the real world. People are poor and sometimes become poor for lots of reasons. The number of poor who are poor because they like it is, as anyone who thinks about it for more than half a minute may imagine, rather small. Most people would prefer not to be poor, as it happens, and would be willing to work to escape it.
This is yet another glibertarian view of the world. If you are embarrassed enough, you will stop being a parasite and start being a producer. I have a theory this has to do with the way libertarian's mommies potty trained them. Or it's embarrassment over that one time they wet the bed at a friends house. It was the greatest shame of the their little lives and, dammit, they quit wetting the bed and learned to use the potty all by themselves.

People who have never had to struggle are the most likely to believe they are 'self made people'™ that have 'pulled themselves up by their own boot straps'™. People who struggle everyday don't have the luxury of indulging in the same naive self adulation. They need to figure out how to feed their kids.

Hat Tip to by mistermix a.k.a. mastermix @ Balloon Juice
1.) Utah, one my neighboring states, used to have the lock on crazy state politicos, but they are seriously falling behind Arizona in the craziness factor. C'mon Utah, get your act together.
2.) Shaming the Poor was in response to Mr. Scalzi's great essay "On Being Poor" which is also worth a read.


  1. I'm adding a vote for the "Most Condescending Douchiest Comment".

    We got his type here, too.

    Skeery stuff.


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