These Guys Have Been Around For Twenty Years?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cake - Showroom Of Compassion
Actually the title of this review is unfair. Sure Cake has been around for a long time, and while they haven't generated the ink that some other twenty something groups have, they are enjoying a great career1. They have been featured on a Apple Commercial and the same song is used as the theme song to Chuck. Hell, even Weird Al parodied them.

I suspect that the biggest reason I am surprised by a new album is that Cake hasn't released anything new since 2004, so Showroom of Compassion was a pleasant surprise. Right now, I am kind of digging on Mustache Man (Wasted), but the whole album is pretty good. Other stand outs include Federal Funding, a nice 70's bluesy prog-rocker opening to the album. The first single is Sick of You, which is looking like a nice Friday, let's get the hell out of work song.

I think this is an above average entry into Cake's discography, so I give it an above average 3 stars.

Currently, the album is only available for digital download at iTunes, but have the Short Skirt/Long Jacket Video

Read the AV Club Review here.
Federal Funding Video at Rolling Stone
Cake's Website
1.) This raises the whole "Who Would You Rather Be {insert some significant burnout music act here} or {insert some long term less famous group here}" conversation/question. For example, would you rather be RUSH or Family?

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