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Sunday, January 09, 2011
The Statute Of Limitations Has Expired, Right?
Me and Art 1982
In 1989, my life fell apart and most of my early work, including much of my photographic work was lost. It may be one of my biggest regrets because it was largely my fault (again, another story for another day. Another day, way, way down the road). I lost my camera, typewriter, photos, poems and stories in one fell swoop.

In some ways, it wasn't the worst thing that had ever happened to me. It made me start from scratch creatively and revisit ideas from a more seasoned, though not yet mature,  point of view.

My life continued on. I became more involved in raising my children, being a good husband and furthering my career than any creative pursuits. I stopped thinking about the tragedy of my lost things and started looking forward.

For the most part, I stopped taking pictures. Until my dear wife and collaborator bought me an Olympus OM10 in 1995. She was and is my greatest benefactor. It really is her belief in me that brought me back to that endeavor that brings me so much joy.

My wife started a huge organization project recently. In the course of this she found some of my early photography. I went through them and was quietly surprised by how little my "eye" has changed. Some of the shots looked like I could of shot them yesterday.

Update -- My dearest suggested we just refer to this period as the Hurricane of 1989. I agree.
PIkes Place Market Circa 1981
Pike Place Market Circa 1981
I enjoyed shooting sunsets back then, too:
Riverside Cal. Sunset 1983
Riverside California Sunset 1983
There are a lot more to look through and scan. I really appreciate that my dearest had some of those photos tucked away. I feel a little more whole today. Here is a slide show of the ones I scanned today.


  1. What a great treasure you have, both in your creative eye and in that wonderful wife of yours. I'm glad you shared what you've been reminiscing about. Thank you.

  2. How wonderful she helped you get some back! And yes, you already had an eye for it then. Oh, and don't get to embarrassed but you looked great :-)

  3. Lisa: She is the greatest :-)
    Linda: Aww your making me blush


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