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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Meeks Cabin Road January 24 2011
I have been using Adobe Photoshop CS5 for almost a year, and Content Aware Fill never fails to impress me. I mostly use it for simply cleanup. A piece of trash here, a tree there, that sort of thing. It has become a go to tool, right up there with the healing tools and the Liquify filter.

I remember when it was rolled out, some of us thought it was actually an April Fools Day joke. Sure Content Aware Transforms had shown up in CS4, but it was a tool of such limited use that I know I very seldom used it. The one demo that had me convinced it was at least somewhat of a joke was at the roll-out, where they showed a panorama, selected the unfilled areas and used Content Aware Fill. Magically, all the unfilled areas were filled in.

After using this tool for a while now and seeing it's capabilities, I started to wonder if, in fact, it would fill out a panorama. So I started with this source panorama stitch, which I had flattened:
From Music for a Mid-Life Geek
I went ahead and used the magic wand tool to select all the outer areas in white and did a Content Aware fill. This is what happened:
From Music for a Mid-Life Geek
Wow. I mean, look at that. If you look at the lower half of the screen, you can see it did a poor job on the plowed snow, but matched the road nearly perfectly. What really impressed me was the sky. Zooming in on it, shows that the fill is pretty seamless:
From Music for a Mid-Life Geek
Content Aware Fill - Make the world prettier, one photo at a time.

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