A New Years Love Story

Saturday, January 01, 2011
December 31st 1978
Diane had been hand picked by my stepfather to keep on eye on three teenage boys while he and my mother went away for the weekend. My mother assured us that she was not babysitting us, just keeping an eye on the house.

I knew better. My stepfather had already raised two boys. That, and having spent a year with my brothers and me, he had every reason to ask his favorite niece to keep an eye on us. I had known Diane for at least a year, so I wasn't that upset having her staying with us. I was more insulted with the idea that I needed someone to watch me.

At the time Diane was just my very cool step cousin. We had fun hanging out. We had very similar tastes in film. I had even introduced her to Star Wars. Diane hanging out for a few days wasn't going to be that bad.

On New Years Eve there was a party scheduled at the skating rink in Yakima. I didn't want to go, so my brothers went without me. What happened next is always spurs a little bit of disagreement between me and my dearest. I say she asked me if I wanted to smoke some pot, she says that it was me. My mothers wine was involved1.

One thing led to another and, I am still not clear on how this happened, we were making out. I remember we were listening to The Captain & Tenille's cover of Muskrat Love2. In my smoothest voice I casually said "Maybe we would be more comfortable upstairs". That was met with a little giggle and a firm no. We turned on Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve and shared one last kiss as the clock struck midnight.

That was that. We never spoke of it again. Diane moved back to California and I proceeded to become an angsty young man. I never forgot that night, however. I continued to look back at it with fond memories. Diane was never far from my thoughts.

January 1st 1982
It had rained on Colorado Boulevard on New Years Eve. My best friend Corbin and I looked like drowned rats and probably smelled like wet dogs by the time the Rose Parade was over. We were also out of money. I had some family in SoCal, but there was only one I felt comfortable calling.

We hitched a ride to Fullerton and found a laundromat to dry our wet sleeping bags. I tried to figure out how to get a hold of her. My mother had her address, so we walked over there and knocked on the door. She wasn't there but her room mate knew where she was.

When Diane came home I looked at her and all of the sudden it was New Years Eve 1978. Somehow we both knew that this reunion meant something. We fell happily and madly in love. This time my smoothest line worked. Four months later we were married.

January 1st 2011
Every New Years Eve, we watch When Harry Met Sally3. About ten minutes before midnight, we switch over to New Years Rockin Eve and share a deeply felt kiss at midnight. When I wake the next morning, I am always at my happiest. For the New Year, sure, but mostly for another year with my dearest. It has been an amazing twenty nine years.

1.) A lot of people have asked why I am so open about talking about my drug use in this blog. They point out that my kids and even (gasp) my parents might read these casual references to drug use. It was the 70's and 80's. Before the concentrated effort of Nancy Reagan and her "Just So No" campaign, almost everybody partook of the herb. Maybe even your parents.
2.) Diane once joked that we should make Muskrat Love our song. I considered it, but only if it was the version from America, but that one sucks, too.
3.) How When Harry Met Sally became our movie is another story entirely, but the plot matches up nicely with our own story.


  1. Aahhh... I found 'another day' - beaut story, wonderful, wonderful.

    May your next decades be as full of beauty.

    PS Of course you have to talk about drug use... that 'Just Say No' should always have been 'Just Say Know'.

  2. Actually we were dancing to Captain and Tennile when the make out session started, and YOU started it, btw! :)
    For anyone who has issues with the drug references...it was over 30 years ago! H-I-S-T-O-R-Y.
    Happy 29th, baby.


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