My own worst antagonist

Tuesday, January 04, 2011
Point & Shoot Cropped and converted to BWIn my head the words sound cool, but when I write them down... well, they seem like self defeating sad bastard poetry. I am not really sad or depressed, just possessed by words.

Blinded by the obvious, our protagonist struggles forward
Insight did not save him from the antagonist's spiritual roundhouse

Punch drunk and exhausted
His faith became shapeless
His dreams became stateless
His journey became aimless

Everything our protagonist knew was forgotten
Even though the antagonist spoke little of truth

Afraid and confused
His logic became twisted
His bite became a hollow bark
His truth had run away

Our protagonist is only as real as his faith
Denatured by the antagonist's lies

Haunted and hunted
His reality slipped below the waves
His time, relative as it was, slowed
His sanctuary was over run by barbarians

In the end our protagonist only has hope
The light that can outshine the antagonist.


  1. Obsession is better than depression.

    At least from my vantage point.

  2. Once again you force the reader to stand exactly where you want them with precise and well crafted writing, even the double space inserts the pause and "directs" a shift of thought.



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