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Monday, January 24, 2011
The daily merry go round circle jerk that is the U.S. sports media is no different then any other media in this country. We must have a villain, a goat, a loser. Today it is Jay Cutler, QB of the Chicago Bears. Media insiders, largely ex-athletes, are screaming that he is a quitter. Some are even taking it farther and saying that Jay has never been a 'real leader™'.

This is why I decry the Jock-ocracy that the late great Howard Cosell hated. These guys don't always earn these jobs because of their great journalistic abilities. Worse than that, these people often have an inflated opinion of their own athletic abilities.

What did Cutler do that was so horrible? He didn't play the second half of the game after doctors said he couldn't play. Then he didn't display the proper... attitude on the sideline? C'mon people. Just because someone doesn't act the way you want, or play when they can't (even if you think you can) doesn't mean a thing1.

As for Cutler's toughness, isn't he the guy who played a whole NFL season with undiagnosed diabetes? The same guy who was sacked 9 times in the first half of game against the Giants this year? Yet, the media wonders "How Many Sacks are Jay Cutler's Fault". Isn't it funny how football is a team game, until the team loses. Then the media and fans pick out one moment and one player as the reason why the team lost2.

The saddest part of this whole thing is that the people swarming message boards, article comments and Twitter are mostly frustrated athletes who had one moment in high school and they are waxing nostalgic about how tough they were (and are). Even sadder? These guys are probably coaching your kids little league team.

Hat Tip to Barry Petchesky @ Deadspin
And John Cole @ Balloon Juice
And More crap @ USA Today

1.) These are the kind of people who won't be happy about an injury until something serious happens. As Barry Petchesky noted on Deadspin:
We want our players to play through pain, for winning to be the only thing that matters. We do. And that's fine, even if we want that at their physical expense; football is human cockfighting
2.) Funny how this also applies to the President of the United States. That somehow he has a magic wand that can fix everything, never mind that he is but one branch of the government.


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