If We Had Answers, We Wouldn't Be In This Mess

Sunday, January 23, 2011
Highway 150 Northbound Towards Medicine Butte
Only dreams really make this world turn
Visions cashed in for hard currency
are only fleeting moments
destined to be written in the margins of life

The BIG ideas really become truth
Plans for world domination
are ultimately illusions of control
destined to be villains in the pages of the past

Facts are the generator of progress
Grand crusades of denial
are eventually intransigent losses
destined to be the sorrow of descendants

Only truth to the heart has permanence
Souls sold for the immediacy of self gratification
are lost in the shadows of real beauty
destined to become a cautionary tale

Cliff Notes: History is littered with overachievers who could not live up to their own expectations. Don't let their failures become yours.

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