Hew Hampshire Speaker Of The House To College Students - You can't vote because you don't for the people I like.

Friday, January 14, 2011
This a strategy that seems vaguely familiar. If you don't vote the way I like, then I don't want you voting. Why would this seem familiar? Wait, I know. This is the Cartman "Screw you guys, I'm going home" reaction:
Revel in the wisdom of New Hampshire House Speaker William O'Brien:
Turning to the issue of voter fraud prevention, O'Brien said his party will "tighten up the definition of a New Hampshire resident."
He said that Plymouth, a college town, experiences 900 same-day voter registrations.
"They are kids voting liberal, voting their feelings, with no life experience," he said.
He then discussed the need for voters to have a photo I.D., to prove who they are, just as they must do when cashing a check.
Hear that kids? That's the sound of someone who wants to keep you from voting. Actually, this is what it really is; an old man who is afraid you darn kids. He thinks you are all voter frauds, because you register to vote in his state. He has a fear of a young planet (with apologies to Public Enemy)! So stay off the dudes lawn, but don't ever forget to vote!
Hat tip to The Great John Cole @ Ballon Juice

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  1. Good post. Us stupid kids with our hope and stuff, ruining the country!


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