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Thursday, January 27, 2011
Olympus Old SchoolSo… check it out… we are starting a brand new monthly contest. We have created a pool over at Flickr where we are accepting submissions every month. Each month will have a theme, and you will allowed on submission a month. You do not need a Flickr account, either. You can email your submission to photopool AT

We will choose one winner per month based on the number of time that photo has been selected as favorite. For any ties, we will run a poll here. The monthly prize will be either a $10.00 (USD) gift to iTunes, Amazon or a $10.00 donation to St. Judes Children Hospital in your name.

Themes will be based on song lyrics as chosen by the staff members. February's theme is:
but it's your life and you can decorate it as you like - Jane, Ben Folds, Ben Folds Five - The Secret Life of Reinhold Meissner

Submit via Flickr :
Submit and join to
Tag your submission with the month and year (e.g. FEB2011) and with GeekThemePool.
Submit via email:
Send photo in jpeg or png format. Please no links to other photo sharing sites.
In the subject line enter the photo's title.
In the body, please enter the month and the year.

The Official Rules (Officially)
  1. We only accept one entry per month. Any extra posts will be removed by administrators.
  2. Voting is done by the number of times a photo has been favorites.
  3. Any ties will be resolved a run off vote done by poll at
  4. Submitters will allow Music For A Mid-Life Geek to display their photo for one year at
  5. The monthly prize will be either a $10.00 (USD) gift to iTunes, Amazon or a $10.00 donation to St. Judes Children Hospital in your name.

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